My technology has always been important to me. Probably too important but hey..

I currently own a motorola moto e, a kindle fire hd 2nd gen and my newest edition a tesco hudl 2. I will hopefully be cashing my Kindle in on Friday as my Hudl was bought as a replacement and my Kindle has done exactly what I wanted it to do.

My kindle was bought for a book addict who origionally wanted an ipod touch however the easier access to books and a larger screen won me over. Now with a new amazon kindle app available on IOS for access to books and a better app store my hudl is looking better for me now. When the kindle fire came out, the Ipad was less common as was the whole tablet phenomenon. The Amazon app store is limited compared to the google play store and apple app store and has let me down on numerous occasions.

My new hudl 2 is so good for my intentions. With the full google play store available I will hopefully no longer struggle with my app requirements. And this is my thing of the month.

The hudl 2, good graphics, good speed, good apps.


Hudl 2.... August 2015

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