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Rollerskating, fun, fun, fun!!!

So on Thursday I went to the sports shop to buy some roller skates. I finally decided on some black ones which are EPIC!!!! I am so going to use them as soon as possible and am going to blog every use. I think the brand was SFR but I can’t remember exactly. My next post it probably going to be a review on the skates I bought and perhaps a few cool things to do on them? Anyway school is OK at the moment we are doing this into the woods thing which I am still not entirely sure on but seems to be quite fun.

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What a holiday

Well it’s the first day of our short break and we drove to a small village on the outskirts of Rugby to see some of daddy’s friends. We had some lunch and we drove to Coventry and visited the transport museum. Then we saw the ruins of Coventry cathedral and climbed on some big rocks. Before continuing our journey to Birmingham.
When we arrived in Birmingham we put our bags in our hotel room and walked into town for some dinner. There was lots of graffiti and most of it was artistic and cool or even beautiful.
Finally we walked back to the hotel.


Today we had a major clearout of my room. It was kind of fun but only because mum helped me. I now have lots more space and floor room, I even have a space on my shelf to put my kindle on while I write. I always keep my designing pad on my shelf in case I come up with any instant ideas I don’t want to forget. Hopefully mum will teach me how to put pictures I take onto my blog without help. All that is it for now see you soon.

Nearly Easter !!!

well well well two weeks to the Easter holidays already, wow ! I mean the time flies by so quickly. The pied jiver needs costumes in by Friday which means the dress rehearsal is soon! Today was just another day at boring school. Everybody thinks I love school just because I get good levels but I don`t I hate it just like most normal people.

School again!!

I haven’t blogged for ages so now I will sit here and do it. Back to school my birthday and a project! Wow! I love this photo because dad hates it. He took it a moment ago and asked me not to put it on line so I did . I have been on the skate park loads since that first time and ought to do


it again but it is so wet I cannot get within 15 metres of it.

First run on the skatepark!


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Three boats in a Poole of water

Ok there were a lot more than three boats in poole harbour. Did you know Poole harbour is the second largest harbour in the world; it is huge.


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The sea door

Yesterday we went on a long walk, well it wasn’t that long it just felt like miles. Half a mile was up and half a mile was down. We climbed up to 134metres it felt like a big mountain. Then there were 272 steps to climb down to the beach.

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Busy day today we went to Tyneham a battered old war villiage that was evacuated and destroyed during world war II. The ruins were amazing and Isaac my brother was hunting for the sheep.

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