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Home made paella!

Hey Guys,

sorry I’ve been really inactive recently but I’m trying to get back into it. Today I made a paella for my family’s tea (dinner for some people). I used Jamie Oliver’s recipe for chicken and chorizo paella. It turned out really well but towards the end of the 15 minute simmer mentioned in the recipe i did have to add some water as the paella had started to stick to the bottom of the pan. Just make sure you stir the paella often and move it around in the pan to prevent stickage. I also forgot to season the paella so although it tasted good it needed a little more salt and black pepper.

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Yesterday I made some quilted effect cupcakes. Basically you make some normal vanilla or chocolate or basically any flavour cupcakes you want. Then took some sugarpaste and put it on the cupcakes. Finally score the cupcakes in a diagonal grid and put a edible silver ball where two lines meet. The process is simple enough but the result is s truly gorgeous. So my mum put these cupcakes on Facebook and I got sixteen likes in an hour and a half. Yay!!

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