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Sats :(

This week year six have been doing their SATS (standard attainment tests) and it finally Wednesday. I have had to do double tests because I am doing level six tests which is good because not meaning to boast but it makes me one of the highest pupils in my year. However th bad thing is that I get SUPER tired because my brain is working twice as hard as most other people’s which gives you brainache I should be at rollerhockey but I am too tired so I am staying home for hopefully early night


Sleepy den building

Today was probably the first fun day at school in year six. Ellie, one of my classmates fell asleep twice! The first fun thing we did was to have a book auction, of which we would bid on different books with the book bucks we had earned earlier this week. The book bucks were a sort of money we earned by reading when the bell rang, by competing in a quiz and by behaving well.

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valentine’s day prep

So it’s nearly Valentines day and you’re wandering whether you should give a card to someone and if so who? Well, valentines day does not have to be boyfriends and girlfriends you can give cards to your family and friends too. I personally love pop up cards and green however valentines day and green are probably not the best match. Anyway school is normal.

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Australia confirmed

Hi! Yes I know I know I haven’t been on for ages but someone hacked into my kindle and I lost all my apps. I just wanted to say that I am definitely going to Australia next summer. I have never been on a plane before so it’s kind of nerveracking but I am super excited has anyone been to Australia before. If you have then tell me!!! Also since it’s the holidays I thought you might like to make some of these.

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Rollerskating, fun, fun, fun!!!

So on Thursday I went to the sports shop to buy some roller skates. I finally decided on some black ones which are EPIC!!!! I am so going to use them as soon as possible and am going to blog every use. I think the brand was SFR but I can’t remember exactly. My next post it probably going to be a review on the skates I bought and perhaps a few cool things to do on them? Anyway school is OK at the moment we are doing this into the woods thing which I am still not entirely sure on but seems to be quite fun.

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