Hi. Welcome to my blog…. Good start I guess My blog originally was just meant to be a fun thing for me to write about what i did during my life, almost like a diary. However as I have grown up, i have learned more and more about blogging and hope to turn this into a multi functioning blog. I’m 12 (13 in November) and have always enjoyed baking. Now i am learning more complex cooking skills as well as Just baking although i still do that too. So i have a food category. Over time there will probably be more categories and I’ll probably work on posting more regularly but that might take some time as i never know what or how much homework I’m going to get.

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I’m a bit of a nerd. You know the type. I get the high levels in tests never get told off for anything and often find myself classed as a teachers pet (i really don’t like that phrase). As a nerd i often make weird sentences that often don’t make sense to anyone else but me which are fun to explain. BUT my best friends all have the same problem (they admit it themselves) soooo we actually manage quite well with the problem. I am the oldest child with a younger brother but obviously my parents are older than i am so that’s where the midi comes from (my brother is miniwombatz but doesn’t have a blog yet). I don’t really know where the wombatz comes from well i assume a wombat but other than that i have no idea.Image result for teachers pet clipart


i play roller hockey. i used to hate sports and hated PE sooo much. Before i did roller hockey i was what most people would probably call a girly girl. I did ballet which i eventually found boring and wore a lot of pink. I now don’t like pink unless it is like highlighter pink (that’s cool). my favorite color is now probably dark almost navy purple however my room is pastel colored as it is tiny and would look even tinier if it was purple. Now i am at least less girly as i still care about whaty i wear but it consist highly of play suits, jeans and my one over sized shirt which i wear a ton! not including school stuff i own 4 skirts (including dresses) and three pairs of jeans. I also like to blog when i feel like it (duh!!!) and read (mainly dystopian fiction). My favorite thing i have done in PE so far would be rounders. ACTUALLY HIT THE BALL AND GOT PEOPLE OUT!!! This is a great achievement as although i don’t hate sports anymore because i never used to do them I’m not very good.Image result for roller hockey clipart

Anyway feedback would be greatly appreciated.