Today was probably the first fun day at school in year six. Ellie, one of my classmates fell asleep twice! The first fun thing we did was to have a book auction, of which we would bid on different books with the book bucks we had earned earlier this week. The book bucks were a sort of money we earned by reading when the bell rang, by competing in a quiz and by behaving well.

The second thing we did that was fun was building dens after lunch. These dens were made out of blankets, chairs, tables and beanbag beanbags. This was fun because they were to be judged by the assistant head of the school. Once we had built our den and were all inside it, we would read. This was where Ellie fell asleep the first time. Our den was so large and comfortable we could easily have fallen asleep. When we had put all our dens away, we settled down ready for the end of the day.

The final thing we did that day was to start reading Kensuke`s kingdom, the book we had bought at the book auction earlier that day. We a lay down ready for the story to begin. Surprisingly,the floor of our classroom was so comfortable I nearly fell asleep,however Ellie fell asleep again.

I just have to say I am not blaming Ellie for falling asleep as I didn’t know what she had been doing during the weekend. But I have finished now so bye!