Diary of an elder sister

The trials and tribulations of being a tweenager!


March 2013


Today we had a major clearout of my room. It was kind of fun but only because mum helped me. I now have lots more space and floor room, I even have a space on my shelf to put my kindle on while I write. I always keep my designing pad on my shelf in case I come up with any instant ideas I don’t want to forget. Hopefully mum will teach me how to put pictures I take onto my blog without help. All that is it for now see you soon.


Nearly Easter !!!

well well well two weeks to the Easter holidays already, wow ! I mean the time flies by so quickly. The pied jiver needs costumes in by Friday which means the dress rehearsal is soon! Today was just another day at boring school. Everybody thinks I love school just because I get good levels but I don`t I hate it just like most normal people.

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