Ok there were a lot more than three boats in poole harbour. Did you know Poole harbour is the second largest harbour in the world; it is huge.


When we left Lulworth Cove the sky was rather grey. We drove to the chain ferry port and drove on. It was very noisy and very slow for me it was very boring. We then drove to the outskirts of Poole and had a delicious picnic lunch. Then we walked to the quay and I got earache from the wind. Then we got a ferry to Brownsea island. We had a smugglers trail to complete. Halfway round there was a scout and guide trading post and I got a new badge for 50p. After that on the way back daddy saw on of the really shy red squirrels and there were peacocks everywhere. Lord Baden Powell took the first ever scout camp of 20 boys after that the first camp anyone would go to was Brownsea Island.



Then we caught the 5:00 ferry back to Poole and went to pizza express for tea.