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August 2012

Three boats in a Poole of water

Ok there were a lot more than three boats in poole harbour. Did you know Poole harbour is the second largest harbour in the world; it is huge.


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The sea door

Yesterday we went on a long walk, well it wasn’t that long it just felt like miles. Half a mile was up and half a mile was down. We climbed up to 134metres it felt like a big mountain. Then there were 272 steps to climb down to the beach.

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Busy day today we went to Tyneham a battered old war villiage that was evacuated and destroyed during world war II. The ruins were amazing and Isaac my brother was hunting for the sheep.

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A day out in Weymouth

Oh wow today I saw some of the Paralympic sailing team and their boats. We saw Hannah stoden and john robertson. We were walking down the pier when we saw someone out sailing with the Paralympic kit on. we already knew that the Paralympics we’re starting the week after so we knew it was them.

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This is me!


Well it was, a few years ago now.

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